Take the guesswork out of your grain marketing plan.


Your farm’s profitability shouldn’t hang on a “gut feeling.”

At AgYield, we combine proprietary technologies and industry-leading consulting to take the guesswork out of a grain marketing plan. Our program utilizes operational data to create, execute, and monitor custom risk management strategies tailored to the grower’s needs.

We don’t speculate on price, and neither should you. Our growers utilize AgYield software to test strategies at all price and yield scenarios, understanding how their bottom line will be affected long before making a final decision.

Our Solutions

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Revenue Manager

Allows users to track gains and losses, analysis performance, and identify any holes in their marketing plan to protect their bottom line.



Educate the farmers & grain traders of the future with the AgYield Simulator.


This proprietary Al program allows growers to define specific revenue goals, risk parameters, and capital constraints to find efficient marketing solutions.


Take on today’s grain markets with an experienced team in your corner.

“As a grain producer and a lender, AgYield is a great tool for us to analyze risk and marketing strategies. It also helps my customer understand marketing and risk management better.”

Jayme J. Ungs

Boone, Iowa