AgYield Simulator

Educate the farmers & grain traders of the future with the AgYield Simulator.

With the AgYield Simulator, educators can have their students experiment with various marketing techniques in a simulated growing season. Users are able to make informed production and marketing decisions based on commodity prices, USDA reports, weather patterns, and other critical variables.

The simulation utilizes AgYield’s Revenue Manager technology to provide a realistic learning experience for agricultural students and teaches them the importance of managing a farming operation amidst ever-changing circumstances. Students learn how to manage revenue effectively by utilizing essential tools like crop insurance, cash grain contracts, and futures and options contracts.

Utilized by leading agricultural colleges across the country.

“We’re using AgYield as an opportunity for the students who have learned different risk management techniques to really test those out and to see what the implications are.”

Dr. Chris Hurt

Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

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